News Bulletin


It’s Friday! In this week’s news bulletin, we look at celebrity-backed businesses, US snacking trends and a retro rebrand.


Billionaire Boys Club, The Honest Company and Haig Club – big brands all backed by big names. But do celebrity-owned businesses pose a serious threat to established brands? Renée Whitworth suggests, as she writes for PopSop, that indeed they do (not only due to financial security, instant access to publicity and social media) but because these creative celebrities are always innovating.

An apt name for the successful celeb-born brand


Snacking is big business in the US, as we blogged about back in March of this year. But looking into the new year, it’s healthy tidbits that are set to fly off the shelves; seaweed chips, lentil chips and roasted chickpeas may soon be replacing the 96 bags of potato chips consumed per person per year. With the design trend for health brands with attitude also taking off, we’re excited to see where 2015’s snack brands will take us.

Expect to see a lot more of these little guys next year


Design overhauls don’t get much more dramatic than this one for Hubbards cereal. From a dated and disparate look that champions variant personality over masterbrand, to a retro 50s vibe that makes variant navigation clear. This new look gets the seal of approval from Kiwi colleagues in-house.

Hubbards cereal: before and after


Miito is the micro kettle that saves energy by only heating up the water you need. Given the size of coffee/tea rounds in our office, we’d need a bigger kettle rather than a micro one! But it’s certainly a great energy conscious innovation – and perfect for space-restricted city living.


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