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In this week’s news bulletin, we talk pen portraits and look at a more unusual use for 3D printing. And what’s this about Black Friday? Nah, never heard of it.


YouGov UK – whose mission statement is to ‘provide a more accurate, more actionable portrait of what the world thinks’ – hit the news this week for a web app featuring pen portraits of UK citizens based on brand, lifestyle, media, food/drink choices. According to the profiling tool, buyers of Heinz describe themselves as warm and big-hearted, but are accident-prone on occasion. Whereas users of Colgate love to dig into jam tarts and chilli fries, have pet fish and a niche interest in the Southern United States.

Inside the mind of a Heinz user


This time last year we wrote about consumers seeing red with shopping hysteria on Black Friday, despite the fact that sales actually dipped for the first time in 7 years. Hoping to capitalise on this, Santander (a relatively new brand in the US) is challenging consumers make the day meaningful, and use it as a chance to keep the purse strings fully closed. With a smart multimedia campaign, the bank leaves it up to the nation to define their own ‘Black… Friday’.


In a stark contrast to the usual purity-promoting vodka design codes, Chayhana vodka celebrates traditional Uzbek folk art and culture. Refreshing work from Brandbox Branding.

The proof’s in the packaging


If you’re looking for a Christmas present for a vegetarian friend who’s got a 3D printer, then look no further than Open Toys who turn vegetables into spaceships and race cars. We remember a time when the most fun you could have with veg was making potato stamps, how things change!

Why not play with your food?


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