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We’re in the final furlongs of 2014 and this week is packed with multi-sensory branding, Instagramability and sustainable solutions.


Multi-sensory branding – just one of the trends we’re excited to see next year. One of the first to the party, Johnnie Walker, is bringing its brand to life via touch, by investing in textile technology to create a tweed material that carries the scent of whiskey. We’re looking forward to seeing (as well as hearing, smelling, touching and tasting) more of this in 2015.

Multi-sensory marketing – one to watch in 2015


Instagram has announced its 2014 list of the most Instagrammed places and the USA leads the way, with 5 locations in the top 10. Also making the list: Paris, Moscow, Dubai and Thailand.

“The app-iest place on Earth”


Green Sheep and Boxed Water Is Better use sustainable packaging solutions – moving away from plastic – in attempts to solve landfill concerns. but both brands also use design to motivate consumers into greener living. Green Sheep’s aluminium chills water fast and for longer, whereas Boxed Water Is Better’s bold statement gives consumers a cause to get behind.

We’re running a webinar on January 19th, sharing our findings on how consumers behave when it comes to sustainability. You can register today.

Sustainability with substance


Still needing to get hold of a few Christmas presents? Don’t worry, us too. Thankfully we came across Beard Baubles this week – the perfect present for anyone with impressive facial hair to embellish.

Scott wasn’t sure about Beard Baubles at first, but they soon began to grow on him


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