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Welcome to 2015 News Bulletin fans. This week we’re talking pro-social brands and playful packaging.


Guardian Sustainable Business predicts 2015 to be the year of ‘pro-social brands’ – activist companies, willing to take a public stand on global issues. We’ll be discussing this, and other principles for engaging today’s consumers in our sustainability webinar, Monday 19th January 3-4pm GMT. Click here to register.

Last year, 27 brands came out as pro-marriage equality


Though the craft beer movement has brought the world some superior brews, the industry can create murky water for design and nomenclature trademarks. In the US alone, over 3,000 breweries struggle to find original names for both their brand and variants. Haven’t they heard of this handy tool? To hear our take on craft beer design, check out our thinkpiece Tapping into design’s role in craft beer.

Craftier tactics needed to get around trademarked beer naming


We’ve got back in touch with our inner child, thanks to this playful candle packaging by Albert J San.

Re-kindling childhood memories


This week, journalists flooded to the desert to attend the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Here Fast Company lists the nine best ideas from CES this year. We’re happy to see Withings made the list with their Activeé Pop watch, we blogged about the brand’s original Activé watch last year.

Withings popping up again


Can you remember as far back as 19th December now? Well, here’s the answer to the last NTB of 2014. Maybe 2015 will be your lucky year. Tweet us if you know the answer to this one.

And then, if you fancy the challenge, play the full game right here.