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In the news this week; printing, packaging and regifting.


The flexibility and savvy nature of small-scale digital printing provides great opportunities for challenger brands, writes Brandi Parker from Pearlfisher for the Dieline this week. But it’s not just small brands making use of reduced overheads and product time vs conventional offset printing, this print technique also brought us Coca Cola’s massive ‘Share a Coke’ campaign.

Digital printing has enabled Coke to print 1000 names onto its bottles


Whilst super concentrated juice drinks are gaining momentum, we’re really not sure about the introduction of super concentrated beer. Although brewers may see the benefits – more sustainable and cost efficient than transporting kegs – we’re not convinced a sachet can contend against the ritual of opening a fresh, cold beer for consumers.

To hear more about the gap between the intent of sustainable products and consumers takeout, register for our webinar Design for Life: how brands can help consumers make the sustainable choice. (Promise that’s the last time we promote that one, honest)

Concentrate: it’s beer


This brand’s name is rather apt, based on its unconventional tea packaging – August Uncommon tea is all about bringing exquisite, contemporary tea to markets where tea is less appreciated, namely the US. It’s a bold idea, and it’s matched by an equally bold, almost scientific aesthetic.

Very a-tea-pical packaging


This app let’s you regift your unwanted gifts – browse for things you like, from people in your area and arrange a swap. A great solution for post-Christmas clutter. Pass it on!


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