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A masterclass in brand identity from Sonos, pretty packaging from Leon and Yoplait and a Marmite Easter egg?


The design world is abuzz with talk about this new identity for Sonos. As a visual, sure it’s dynamic and impressive – but the sound-waves actually echo through the logo when you scroll up and down, and that’s the killer. And this genius move? A ‘happy accident’ claim the designers.

Identity amplified

Bricks-and-mortar stores must focus on distributing experiences, not distributing products, claims ‘The Retail Prophet’ – e-sales won’t cannibalise high street sales if retail spaces can avoid being ‘average’.

Omni-channel design is certainly an increasing concern for brands. We’ve recently helped global fashion retailer NEXT understand how its new store design appears through consumers’ eyes. You can read our case study here.

The NEXT generation


In the run up to NY Fashion Week, General Mills has paired up with fashion designer Christopher Straub to create a ‘signature collection’ of Yoplait yoghurt tubs – attributing character traits to different flavours and designing each the perfect look, as if styling a woman.

Extra cultured yoghurt

Struggling a little in your New Year’s resolution to eat less chocolate? Well, with this Leon bar you could actually blame the design; we can’t help but feel drawn in by its alluring pattern. One square can’t hurt, right?

If it’s healthy snacks you’re interested in, join us for our first Health at Shelf webinar on Thursday 5th February, 3-4pm GMT.

The packaging made me do it!


In other chocolate news: after much success last year with Magnum, Cornetto and Mini Milk Easter eggs, Unilever will this year be releasing a Marmite edition. And yes, it actually will taste like the spread.

Are you too chicken to try this Easter egg?


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