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Who are this year’s D&AD winners? Where has Red Bull’s red bull disappeared to? All is revealed in this week’s news bulletin


The most desirable pencils in the world of design

McCann Erickson’s ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ campaign has come out on top at this year’s D&AD awards – taking home five yellow pencils alongside top prize of the coveted black pencil. The viral campaign – which includes a mobile game and animated music video – is part of a campaign to promote safety on Melbourne’s Metro. In keeping with good causes, this year D&AD introduced the white pencil to ‘reward creativity for social good’ – awarded to Droga5 for their ‘Help! I Want to Save a Life’ campaign. Two very worthy (and potentially life-saving!) winners.


Editions – flying without (Red Bull) wings?

Range extensions are a great opportunity for brands to both re-engage with current audiences and potentially recruit new users. But, when launching an extension, how far can the apple fall from the parent brand tree? This post argues that Red Bull’s apple has fallen over the garden fence – and lost its wings along the way – with their recent launch of Red Bull Editions.


Breakfast: the most creative meal of the day

‘Made for me/by me’ is one of the Macro Trends that we have identified in our 2013/14 Design Trends Report. And it looks like the FMCG industry is catching on, with the launch of Yoosli – a new online service allowing users to create and customise muesli mixes to personal taste. The brand identity, created by Together Design, is based on the concept of ‘a joyful and creative mixing experience’, translated through a bold and playful visual identity. The Yoosli characters, which feature across touchpoints – including on-pack – do a great job of communicating the brand’s proposition of ‘individual muesli for individual folk’.


Apple’s new look has left some feeling a little flat

Earlier this week, Apple gave us a glimpse of iOS7, their next software update for iPhone and ipad, which will be available later this year. It’s the most radical visual redesign yet – as they swap skeuomorphism design for a simple, clean, ‘flat’ aesthetic. Whether you love or hate the new look, Apple – as always – have got the world talking. And you can read what our very own Stuart Chapman had to say on Popsop today.


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