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This week’s news includes culture-influenced pack re-design and reveals the real winner of the 2015 Oscars.


Members of the British design industry have united for The Alphabet Poster Project; a campaign to promote a more sustainable future for design. The collective believe designers can inspire change and by using Ryman Eco, the world’s “most sustainable font”, could save up to 490 million ink cartridges every year.

The real winner at this year’s Oscars ceremony was LEGO – by delighting those overlooked by the Academy with their own ‘gold’ LEGO ‘Oscar’, the brand built up enormous online buzz, resulting in $7.5 million of free advertising. A 24 carat gold statue seems a bit overrated in comparison.

LEGO block out the competition at the Oscars


Kingfisher Beer Europe have teamed up with London-based branding agency Butcher & Gundersen to create a vibrant new look and feel that fully immerses the European consumer in Indian culture. This reminds us of the Getty Images visual trend of 2015 ‘Merging Medium’ that captures the audiences’ imagination; in this case, transporting them to rural India.

Kingfisher Beer
Kingfisher Beer brings Indian festival culture to the West

Dow Design has transformed Simply Squeezed into a brand targeting a much younger generation. The fun hand-drawn style and bright colourways directly reflect the current trend for ‘Value-Added Health’ in grab and go snacks, highlighted in our Health at Shelf Webinar Series.

Simply Squeezed
Giving their juice a fresh new image


KFC are planning the launch of the ‘Scoff-ee Cup’; a chocolate-coated, biscuit-based alternative to the regular coffee cup. While java enthusiasts may not be lining up around the block, could this be the future of waste-free, on-the-go coffee?

Scoff-ee Cup
Seattle’s ‘best’ sustainable coffee?


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