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In the news this week we explore Selfridges’ gender neutral retail experiment and question how wearable technology could impact the modern consumer.


Selfridges has done away with traditional shop mannequins to create a “gender neutral” retail space, populated with genderless sculptures by designer Faye Toogood. The new experimental “Agender” collections revolve around the idea that clothing should speak for itself, so there is no branding or merchandising in sight.

One size fits all

With the Apple Watch due for release, we’re wondering what implication smart, wearable technology will have on the retail landscape. Perhaps this concept from Rehabstudio and PSFK is on the money; a hands-free, personalised and privately guided consumer retail experience.


39/22, named after Greece’s geographical co-ordinates, uniquely communicates the timeless tradition of homegrown olive oil with a fresh, modern edge. Ancient-inspired “Mother Earth” figures and a soft-wood lid inject a sense of origin and sustainability into the bright, contemporary pack structure designed by 2yolk.

Ancient Greece meets contemporary art

Form and function combine in The 86 Co’s bespoke spirits range, designed alongside physical therapists to provide “professional” usage and performance. Equipped with several ergonomic pouring options and etched measurements, the only differentiator between spirits is each bottle’s unique “bad ass” graphic identity.

Several ways to pour it, one way to drink it


‘Pharmacafe’ by Bompas & Parr, curators of spectacular culinary events, combines sensory dining with holistic healthcare – visitors get a bespoke health drink based on their DNA, obtained by a hand scan at the entrance to this futuristic concept cafe in the UAE.

I’ll have some DNA on ice, please


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