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Tess Kenning

Director, London

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In the news this week we look at how MOMA plan to move from station forecourts to busy supermarket shelves and explore how brands are using content marketing and mobile apps to tap into the personalisation trend.


SomeOne has developed a new brand identity for White Stuff designed to flex across retail, catalogue, packaging and social media platforms. The brand world of layered swatches, inspired by core brand values, represent a sense of community and can be adapted for future content whenever the brand see fit.

Building up the brand layer by layer

These two brands are examples of how content marketing and unique mobile interaction can allow consumers to personalise products directly. Greek chocolate brand Lacta worked with OglivyOne, enabling messages to be digitally embedded onto their product wrappers via QR codes, while Medea Vodka uses Bluetooth to program messages onto LED strips on the bottle.

A digital take on the ‘Golden Ticket’


PlusX have created a beautiful minimalist aesthetic for Shinsegae Craft Liquor that caters to the contemporary market while still incorporating heritage and tradition – each pack is defined by individual graphic symbols, all corresponding to the process of making the elixir.

A crafty packaging design concept

MOMA unveil a distinctive pack and brand identity, by BrandOpus, that captures the journey of both the brand and the busy urban commuter. The ownable brand personality supports plans for the brand’s growth and a retail shift from busy station forecourts to competitive supermarket shelves.

‘Making oats more awesome’


In one of the most unusual breakfast campaigns ever, Taco Bell’s “Breakfast Defector” advertisement subtly takes on its rivals by tapping into Cold War era propaganda along with Orwellian and “Hunger Games” themes, all to launch its new breakfast products.


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