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Tess Kenning

Director, London

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In this weeks news we take a look at a brand of vitamin supplements specifically for Millennials, Pret A Manger’s new evening dining concept and French chocolate!


In a bid to take on the night trade from restaurants and bars Pret A Manger has launched a trial of ‘Good Evenings’ – an evening dining concept at its Strand based store in London. Following rival Starbucks, it is yet another food-on-the-go brand to introduce alcohol, a new menu, crockery and even jazz music, into its 6pm – 11pm service hours.

Sandwiches with a side of beer or wine

Olly, a vitamin supplement start up in the US, is shaking up the industry by uniquely targeting Millennials. Designed specifically for busy, health-conscious 20 to 30-something consumers, each of the ‘gummy’ based supplements are named for their ostensible benefits and sold in clear, bright packaging – creating a simplified and more enjoyable pill popping brand and product experience, perfect for the Millennial consumer.

Ultimate immunity for millennials
Ultimate immunity for Millennials


Les chocolate Des Français, has created a playful and eclectic pack identity that successfully promotes the brand’s 100% French roots. Alongside the frog brandmark, each pack depicts quirky artwork from one of over 50 French artists that includes everything from roosters wearing sneakers to tourists at the Eiffel tower.

Chocoloate with added “Ooh la la”

Goddess Garden, an organic sunscreen line in the US, goes back to basics with this pack redesign by Hatch Design. The clean white background, and simple linear composition demonstrate the brands chemical-free, all-natural message, while the bright colours and hummingbird iconography represent “enjoyment of life”.

goddess garden
Organic fun in the sun


Following the return of the “If Carslberg did…” campaign, the Danish beer brand have launched a billboard in London this week, titled “Probably the best beer in the world”– considering the fact it dispenses free beer for passing consumers, there is sure to be many who agree with that statement!

I’ll have a pint please…


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