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With more links than Goldie Looking Chain’s jewellery drawer, it’s must be the News Round-Up: your trusty source for everything that’s important in the world of design! The Cogs of Industry Absolut is struggling to cut it with consumers on the street (or in the bar, at least). Sales value fell by 39.3% last year. … Continued

With more links than Goldie Looking Chain’s jewellery drawer, it’s must be the News Round-Up: your trusty source for everything that’s important in the world of design!

The Cogs of Industry

Absolutly beautiful

Absolut is struggling to cut it with consumers on the street (or in the bar, at least). Sales value fell by 39.3% last year.

From left to right: 1910, 1951, 1952 & 1965

Eternal favourite of the culinarily uninitiated, tasty Heinz Tomato Soup is 100 years old, and to celebrate they’ve replicas of the 1910 tin on supermarket shelves. I wonder if they had any idea how widely-recognised the ‘keystone’ graphic device would end up being back then.

Marketing magazine’s ever-reliable Sector Insight section focusses on soup in its 29 September issue – old dog Heinz is also top dog, with a 35% share, whereas New Covent Garden Food Co is in second with 13% of the soup pie. Other Sector Insight highlights include men’s grooming (15 September) and whisky (20 October)


TRESemme: very Emme

Unilever have bought the Alberto Culver group, which owns TRESemme, VO5 & Simple brands



Nom nom nom

Here’s one of ours – we worked with designers Mayday on this relaunched pack for the superbly-named Nom yogurt. The name stands for Austrian parent company Niederösterreichische Molkerei, but it does also have some acoustical advantages. The packaging relaunch, which follows the opening of a £60m dairy in Shropshire, is running concurrently with an advertising campaign.


Taste the relaunch

Sainsbury’s have wheeled out everyone’s Mum’s favourite Jamie Oliver to relaunch their Taste the Difference premium range. Meanwhile Asda have renamed their ‘mid-tier’ offering “Chosen by you”, in a surprisingly chefless move.


Pazta meanz Heinz

Now we don’t like to blow our own trumpet (oh alright, we do), but the Heinz pasta packaging we worked on has been shortlisted for Packaging News’ Best Repackaging award

JLS: Just Love Safe

X Factor losers and pop chart winners JLS have launched a range of condoms in association with Reckitt Benckiser‘s Durex. Rumours that current unintentionally-subversive X Factor hero Wagner is to release a haircare range remain unconfirmed at the time of writing.

Savoury chocolate bar: mite not, thanks

Marmite continue to push the envelope of the brand to the precipice of incredulity with the latest venture from the Unilever brand: “Very peculiar“, a chocolate bar with the distinctive tang of the savoury spread. And last month they unveiled a shrine for addicts


New Havana Club: woody

Havana Club are launching a new product this month: Seleccion de Maestros is an ‘ultra premium’ rum aged in barrels selected for their aromatic quality. Designers Nude (not to be confused with Nude designers) created the packaging

Commentary Corner

New UK passport: Pass?

The UK passport has been redesigned: it now has pictures of twee cottages and meterological imagery. It’s polarised reaction on the old t’internet, but I rather like it: what could be closer to the British identity than a bit of self-deprication? JKR comments on it here

Schweppes limited editions

There’s a good article on the wacky world of limited editions in the 6th October’s Marketing Magazine. It’s a funny old world which ranges from creative and interesting efforts to rather less inspired tie-ins. The best ones seem to demonstrate a confidence and self-awareness of the brand’s values

There’s a good article on Dulux’s fantastic ‘Let’s Colour‘ campaign in October’s Creative Review. The campaign,  by Euro RSCG, shows the streets of Rio being transformed by vibrant colour. It’s also buoyed by a cracking choice of tune in Jonsi‘s Go Do.




Lynx/Axe: Get sprayed, get laid?

The BrandGym blog has a critical look at Lynx/Axe‘s current position, and whether or not it needs to reappraise after a sales dip

Electronic packaging bible The Dieline asks: what’s the right way to refresh packaging?


Church of Research

There’s an interview with Dan Ariely, author of the excellent book Predictably Irrational in September’s Research World. His book looks at how we often make decisions irrationally, based on emotion rather than reason, and is nicely summarised in a series of YouTube videos here. Shame about the cheesy soundtrack.

The October Market Research Viewpoints supplement has an interesting article on the many, many challenges associated with global research.


Pretty packaging

Bloomin' marvellous?

Speaking of limited editions, Evian‘s latest has been designed by Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake. Can’t say I like it as much as Paul Smith’s from last year, in truth.

New Yeo Valley

New Yeo Valley packaging by Pearlfisher

Who Dammann? Tea Dammann

High-end tea Dammann by French designers Curious D

Bon Bio

Organic soap by Studio Plastac

Premium absinthe: dangerous for wallet and mind

Premium absinthe by BDG

And finally…

Anish Kapoor reflects on his latest work

Sculptor Anish Kapoor has unveiled his latest works – a series of mirror sculptures in Kensington Gardens

Virgin Atlantic's new ad

Virgin Atlantic have a new ad out, and it’s really very good

It’s not everyday that you hear about marketing that’s genuinely heartwarming, but Interflora’s latest campaign probably falls into that category. The flower giant monitored people’s Twitter updates for glumness and cheered them up with a surprise bouquet of flowers


Sweetcorn fashion

This is one way of using unwanted Bonduelle packaging: an ‘eco-dress‘. A sweet design, or too corny?

PwC: shorter is better

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has been rebranded. The full-length logo has been replaced its more snappy acronym and supplemented with a new mark which extends across all its touchpoints (see the link). There’s an article on the rebrand, by London 2012 designers Wolff Olins, in November’s Creative Review, and Design Bridge have their say here

Ever had a picture that you wanted to know more about, but had no text to feed into Google’s search box? Enter Google Goggles, a new way of searching the web – by a picture. It’s early days for the technology at the moment – it’ll identify a painting or book cover, but will struggle with most other things. Give it time though, and we’ll all be researching reviews for restaurants just by thinking their general direction


GPS detergent: Omo

Catch up on trends from around the world, including Unilever‘s Omo detergent that follows you home, in Trendwatching’s excellent 2010 update

Name that brand!

Each week we cleverly conceal the identity of a famous brand through magic and the Photoshop crop tool. The last one‘s was Havana Club.

This edition’s…

Name That Brand

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