News round-up 06.01.12


A new year, but the ever-reliable news round-up returns as irreverent as ever.

A new year, but we’re sticking to the same winning news round-up formula: design, marketing and ‘other’ news distilled down into delicious bite-size nuggets and served up fresh every month.

Cogs of Industry

Jony Ive KBE

Arise, Sir Ive. British-born Jonathan “Jony” Ive, senior vice president of industrial design at Apple, has been awarded a knighthood in recognition of his work. Ive worked closely with the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, who described Ive as his “spiritual partner” at Apple.

There were also honours for artist David Hockney, architect John McAslan and moustache advocate, Nigel Mansell.

Cadbury's: Packaging Boost

Though we’d never criticise anyone for spending money on packaging change, others are raising an eyebrow in Cadbury’s direction after reports that they’re due to spend £6m on packaging changes after laying off 200 staff. Owners Kraft are reportedly pursuing a change which will see the packaging standing upright on shelves in a bid to bolster standout.

Plain cigarette packaging: unhealthy-looking

A report by the British Heart Foundation suggests 25% of young smokers view cigarettes in branded packaging as safer than those in plain packaging. Last year Australia imposed laws that forced all cigarettes to be packaged in a putrid olive green colour, with a prominent photograph of the associated health risks.

OMG itz a FB bizniz card innit

If you’ve ever had a burning desire to invite your business associates to see photos of you getting drunk at weddings, then this is the innovation for you: Facebook business cards.

Commentary Corner

Saab: RIP

JKR’s Silas Amos has an interesting post on the sad demise of Saab and how it lost its way – as well as the rise of the Chinese lookalikes.

Loverdose perfume

What do “The Big Pony Collection”, “Loverdose”, “Bang Bang” and “No! No! Hair Removal” all have in common? They’re all names of new beauty and personal care products. Views on these and many more in Design Bridge’s excellent blog post right here.

iPlod: music technology for the older generation

Having spent most of my Christmas trying to explain technology I thought was intuitive to the older generation, I can see why Marketing Week’s Secret Marketer explains why his Marketer of the Year is entrepreneur Martin Brennan, maker of fogey-friendly music devices.

Paramount Pictures: before (left) and after (right)

To celebrate its 100th birthday this year, Paramount Pictures is introducing a revised logo which cleans up the mark and pulls back the frame to reveal more of the landscape (the Wasatch mountain range, pub quiz fans). More over at Brand New.

Pretty Packaging

Starbucks' new packaging

The new Starbucks logo was the packaging design of the year for web packaging epicentre, The Dieline. See the top 100 here. In at 51 is the rather nice Waitrose Christmas packaging.

Spicebox spiced whisky

Stranger & Stranger keep on churning out lovely work. Here’s their latest for Spicebox spiced whisky. They’ve also done this for “Winter Jack”, JD’s apple whiskey punch, and this extraordinary number.

Design is a pizza cake

These pizza designs by Hornall Anderson have been hit by the cheeky copy craze, but they’re nicely executed too.

Which side of the line do you fall on in the debate over the Design Museum shop identity?

There’s a debate raging about the new Design Museum shop identity by Spin.

Spanish chocolate

Simple but effective is probably the best way to describe these chocolate pack designs by Puigdemont Roca.

Happy Last New Year!

This is the rather amusing “apocalypse wine” by STUDIOIN, which lists potential apocalypse scenarios, including UFO attack and the Large Hadron Collider exploding. Happy New Year!

Penguin book covers by Coralie Bickford-Smith

Not sure if it’s packaging as such, but these designs for Penguin book covers by Coralie Bickford-Smith are beautiful. Found via JKR.

Trumpet Blowing!

This month we’ve pulled back the curtain in our Meet the Team post. Meet the chaps behind the charts at The Big Picture!

And Finally…

Stop that!

January can feel pretty bleak at times, but this artwork, “Obliteration Room” by Yayoi Kusama might help warm the heart. As part of the “Look Now See Forever” exhibition, children were sent into a stark white room armed with coloured stickers. The result is either a hypnotising rainbow room or a mess, depending on your perspective.

"Forever Bicycles" by Ai Weiwei

Staying on art, this is Ai Weiwei’s mesmerising latest, “Forever Bicycles“. And if bikes and art are your thing, then here’s lots more.

Dear YouTube...

Here’s Hello World, an exhibition by Christopher Baker which looks at the curious modern phenomenon of YouTube confessions, video diaries of private thoughts broadcast to millions. It’s at the Saatchi Gallery until the end of February.

I bet those came with a big bill

Here’s the latest from freaky footwear purveyor, Kobi Levi. More weirdness here.

That looks purrfect. (Sorry)

The second Giving Shelter competition saw designs for cat shelters. More here.

This is one piece of advice I wholly agree with

This is “advice to sink in slowly“, a project in which design graduates pass on advice to first year students through the medium of posters. Check out a selection here.

Guy Fawkes decided that his fuse has better be shorter next time if he didn't want to wait 400 years

If you didn’t catch the London NYE fireworks, then you can see them here in glorious HD.

Name That Brand!

The last Name That Brand was Lavazza

And here’s the most important bit of the news – Name That Brand, where we crop a bit of a well known logo and encourage you to guess it. The last one was far too easy, judging from the speed of response – Lavazza.

See if you can guess this edition’s:

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