News round-up 12.08.10


The Big Picture’s take on the who, why, where, when and what of design for August 2010, compiled by Stuart Chapman

Isn’t it time we had another glorified name that brand competition news round up?

Yes it is.

The Cogs of Industry

Heinz has launched a new screw top “fridge pack” for its beans. It keeps 2.5 tins worth of beans, and can be resealed. In short, it’s genius.

Marketing Week has published the Brand Finance list of the top 50 British brands – we’ve worked on 3 of the 6 FMCG brands listed [14-18, Marketing Week, 29.07.10]
Plastic containers for milk are so 2009. It’s all about the bags, apparently [4, Packaging News, 08.10]

Nestle are also starting to target adults with Milky Bar Raisin and Biscuit

Unilever has employed branding agency Fourninety to roll out a worldwide look for Dirt is Good [9, Packaging News, 08.10]

Commentary Corner

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or not living in London, at least), you can’t fail to have noticed that London has it’s very own cycle hire scheme now. JKR blogs on the Barclays branding of the scheme.

The BrandGym blog has an interesting post on ‘baking’ the brand into the product – embedding the values of the brand in the final product

Pretty Packaging

Limited-edition Heineken? Pretty, somehow minimalism has stripped it of any character. Absolut does it better…

An ornate bottle for Roberto Cavalli. Seems a bit 80s kitsch to me…

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Chopin? Yes, that’s right, vodka. Here’s the slightly confused packaging, by c/c

Cheestrings spaghetti has arrived. It’s not spaghetti – but cheese in the shape/thickness of spaghetti. A little confused perhaps, but nicely designed by JKR, who blog on it.

A cracking bit of design here by Pearlfisher, who have clarified and subtly modernised Gallo olive oil

Beautiful illustrative work by Springetts for Wild snacks

Very cute Norwegian “candy” (sweets) packaging by Neue

Beautiful illustration + foil blocking = premium. Sexy chocolate by Sandstrom Partners for Moonstruck

And finally…

Virgin Atlantic has been rebranded by Circus and Johnson Banks, providing a welcome typographic refresh.

…meanwhile Brand New justifiably puts the boot into the clumsy handling of the United and Continental merger, which has just spat out another mess, thus further trampling on the grave of the classic Saul Bass original (see below)

Fans of highly convenient savory snack solutions have been left in limbo by the news of disaster striking the highly-anticipated Candwich, the delicious-looking sandwich-in-a-can reported in 15.07.10’s news. Packaging News reports that the US Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a fraud complaint against the genius behind the idea, alleging that he raised the money to fund it by telling investors he was going to invest in property but instead very wisely invested in the sure-fire hit that is the Candwich, amongst other innovations. Will this exciting snack solution ever see the light of day? Stay tuned for further developments in this exciting story… [59, Packaging News, 08.10]

Packaging is often accused of being overkill – but roadkill?

Brand New reports on the branding that has accompanied Latvia’s Shanghai Expo pavilion, as I blogged on here

Name that brand…

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