News round-up 16.06.11


Bringing together news from design, marketing, research, advertising (plus anything else that looks a bit interesting), and fusing it together into a bafflingly eclectic bunch of stories designed to inform, educate and entertain.

Time for another Big Picture News Round-Up: bringing together news from design, marketing, research, advertising (plus anything else that looks a bit interesting), and fusing it together into a bafflingly eclectic bunch of stories designed to inform, educate and entertain.

The Cogs of Industry

J Sainsbury tries something new in 1869

More and more consumers are “trying something new today”… and indeed for the last few months, as Sainsbury’s sales continue to trump those of Tesco. Sainsbury’s first quarter recorded a 1.9% growth, compared to Tesco’s 0.1% fall in the three months up to the 28th May.

Rumours of a "Hate Life"-branded range of ready meals are unfounded

Meanwhile Waitrose are celebrating their joie de vivre with new health range, “Love Life“, a sub-range of their Essentials brand. The 270-strong range of “nutritionally balanced” products will reach stores on 30 June.

Innocent Juicy Drink will be rolling out later this month

Friendly smoothie purveyors Innocent have developed a new kids’ drink in collaboration with the all-powerful Mumsnet. Juicy Drink is 75% fruit juice and 25% spring water (not dissimilar from Fruit Shoot My-5)


Carlsberg’s new Copenhagen beer has sparked feminist debate when it was hailed as a ‘beer for women’. “We can see that there are a number of consumers, especially women, who are very aware of design when they choose beverage products. There may be situations where they are standing in a bar and want their drinks to match their style”, says Jeanette Elgaard Carlsson, International Innovation Director at Carlsberg. Time has its say here.

Heinz Mayo: now with extra nnaise.

Here’s Heinz’s rather radical shake-up of its mayonnaise packaging. The new look aligns the pack with Heinz’s Foodservice range.

Kraken design mate

Beautifully packaged Kraken rum is finally launching in the UK after snow caused the roof of a London City Bond warehouse to collapse. The black spiced rum comes in Victorian ‘flagon-style’ bottle designed by Stranger & Stranger.

Levi Roots' latest brand expansion

The relentless expansion of the Levi Roots brand continues apace with Rasta Pasta, hot on the heels of the brand’s crisp launch.

Celebrity endorsements: lost in translation?

Celebrity endorsements have little effect (in the US, at least), if Adweek’s survey is to be believed. Or are we just reluctant to admit how swayed we are by famous faces? And isn’t this overlooking the other power celebrities have: to quickly communicate brand values?

Commentary Corner

No more clowning around (still from Logorama)

Graham Button on the perils of over-branding: “unless your company has nothing to hide and customers approve of what they see, it will become less and less fit to compete”.

Technology: making it easier to spend money

Trendwatching’s June briefing is focussed on Innovation, and is enough to make even the technosavvy wide-eyed in wonder at the future. Highlights include mobile payments, 4 second sales and ‘real world liking’ (which, for younger readers, is something people used to express with a smile).

Get the hole story on our blog

A little bit of self-promotion now, if you’ll excuse us. We’ve recently done blogs on topics as broad as the London Olympic torch, the Google Doodle and, er, motorway service stations.

One of Ogilvy's famous quotes, as visualised by Adweek

JKR blog on “the father of advertising” David Ogilvy, who would have turned 100 this week. “In a world where agencies still tie themselves up in knots attempting to offer a fresh approach or insight into the thing called a brand, this week seems like a good one to repeat Ogilvy’s definition of what a brand actually is: ‘The intangible sum of a product’s attributes: its name, packaging, and price, its history, its reputation, and the way it’s advertised.'”

We are most amused

Design Bridge have an interesting blog on how gin has evolved over the years; and what that means for whisky.

Pretty Packaging

Crown Maple Syrup by Studio MPLS

This is Crown maple syrup, by Studio MPLS, and it’s beautiful.

Oello frozen yogurt

Sweet illustrations on these Oella frozen yogurts, by Indonesian design agency Noote & Netoo.


Great student work with a vintage feel on Groomd men’s grooming range here by Ragan de la Rosa.

Anna Mae Southern Bread Co. by Hammerpress

Here’s Anna Mae Southern Bread Co., by Hammerpress.

iO, iO, it's off to work we go

Here’s an interesting one. Energy drink iO looks to stand out from the crowd with a minimalist look and cubic structure.

SANS natural diet soda

This striking piece of packaging is SANS, a natural diet soda. Design by the marvellously titled OFB (One Fast Buffalo)

And finally…

"Bla Bla"

Bla Bla” is a quirky piece of interactive web design by Vincent Morisett, the man behind some of the web work of Arcade Fire (though not the mind-bending Wilderness Downtown (requires Chrome browser) which is by Chris Milk). This latest work claims to “explore the fundamentals of human communication.” Oh… and while we’re on web initiatives, this site is made entirely of chocolate. Yum!

One of Graham Smith's 'brand reversionings'

Here’s Brand Reversioning: “Brand identities with split personalities”, a project by Graham Smith.

AGAst at the future

Here’s an interesting development. How do you make the AGA cooker, a rural kitchen essential, relevant for now? With a touchscreen control, apparently.

Mr Abramovich accepted only the finest platform on which to catch up on Peter Andre: The Next Chapter

TVs don’t come much more showy than this. This ludicrous 201-inch LED monster, by Porsche Design, folds away into your patio overlooking Monaco harbour. €500,000, since you ask.

Ryanair's cost-cutting policy had reached a new low

Air travel is set to get a lot, lot nicer if Airbus’ vision of the future is to be believed: a virtual golf course, shape-shifting seats, aromatherapy, antioxidant-enriched air, and transparent walls could be ours in 2050.

Google's new reverse image search

Google made a few tweaks to their search engine this week, not least of which is a sort of reverse image search. The little icon (lurking on the Image Search page) allows you to upload an image which it will find more information on, e.g. if you don’t know the name of a piece of art, it should be able to identify it for you. Clever stuff.

Supakitch & Koralie do their stuff

Here’s a cool video of Supakitch & Koralie artworking. Nope, I’d never heard of them either but both the music (DLId) and final artwork are great.

Magazine ads don't have to be flat...

Here are 10 magazine ads that go the extra mile.

Name That Brand

And to finish off, it’s the nation’s favourite feature: where we stretch Photoshop to its creative limits by cropping a bit of a well-known logo and encouraging you to identify it.

The last one was not so much Name That Brand as Name That Band: it was popular beat combo, The Beatles.

The last Name That Brand was The Beatles

This edition’s Name That Brand…

Name That Brand

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