News round-up 18.07.11


Missing the News of the World? Well get all the goss on Jamie Oliver’s dramatic split here … plus an exciting new addition to our website. All this and much, much – much – more in the News Round-Up.

It’s news round-up time here at TBP Towers. Every month or so we pull together the most interesting stories from design, marketing and an enormous drawer with ‘Misc’ scrawled on the label in marker pen, and pull them into a neatly ordered news post for your information and delectation. Think of it as a Reader’s Digest for the 21st Century. With fewer gardening stories.

The Cogs of Industry

Oliver insisted, "it's not you, it's me", but Sainsbury's knew better.

Everyone’s favourite chef has parted company with Sainsbury’s. It’s a mutual split, with both parties citing that it’s simply ‘time to move on’. The celebrity chef has headed over 100 ad campaigns for the supermarket giant over the years, bolstering sales of up to 500% on some products.

Ben & Jerry's: fine ice cream

Unilever is doing a little internal reshuffling in order to speed up how quickly it rolls out new products in emerging markets. This has included the creation of a new “refreshment” division which includes Lipton and Ben & Jerry’s.

Tango Turbo: aerosol drink

Britvic have launched Tango Turbo: the world’s first drinks aerosol. The plastic vessel allows you to shoot a ‘foamy blast’ of the orangey pop into you mouth by using ‘nitro-fuelled’ technology. Blue Marlin were brought on board to design the pack, which is “deliberately edgy and disruptive” in order to target its teen audience. Apparently initial sales have been turbo-charged, too.

Apple: popular

Apple is now the most valuable brand according to Millward Brown’s BrandZ report. Apple’s brand is valued at $153.3bn to second placed Google’s paltry $111.5bn. The highest placed FMCG  brand is sixth-placed Coca-Cola, valued at $73.8bn. The full list is here.

Greggs: rolling into supermarkets

Bacon purveyor Greggs is moving into the supermarket. They’re launching Greggs-branded frozen sausage rolls in what they hope to be the beginning of a Greggsian era in the frozen foods aisle.

Starbucks: new supermarket frappuccinos

Another high street brand eying the coveted supermarket shelves is Starbucks, who are launching a range of bottled frappuccino drinks.

Commentary Corner

The Apprentice: You're Uninspired

This month we’ve blogged on The Apprentice and its representation of the design and research industries.

Habitat was founded by Terence Conran in 1964

The news of Habitat’s slip into administration was met with a little sadness by many. JKR have written a good reflection on the news on their Design Gazette.

The Museum of the Moving Image's new identity programme as shown on their swanky new building

Over at Brand New there’s a great blog post on the Museum of the Moving Image’s new identity programme which, while a little utilitarian in the logo, intertwines fantastically with their beautiful new building in New York.

eBay's design think-tank's take on innovation

eBay’s Design Think Tank offers six innovation lessons over at Fast Co Design.

Pretty Packaging

Finlandia Vodka before and after

Finlandia Vodka has a pretty stunning new pack. The design provides “a memorable tactile experience while through the magic of refraction the glass comes alive and dances with reflected light”, according to designers Brown Forman & Hirst Pacific Ltd.

Wild Turkey: now even wilder

Here’s party whisky Wild Turkey’s new pack which is cleaned up and given more punch. “Even a good old boy changes his shirt every now and again,” said famed Wild Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell.

RNLI confectionery packs by Supafrank

These confectionery packs for the RNLI, the UK charity dedicated to saving lives at sea, are really charming. The designs, by Supafrank, aimed to remind visitors to RNLI stations of “beautiful days by the sea”. Many more here.

Four Tines a lady.

These frozen vegetable entrees for Four Tines look do a great job of communicating the gourmet feel. By JJAAKK Design.

The Song Room's air instruments

How do you brand and package air? Well maybe something a bit like this, by Designworks. These quirky packs are part of the Play Air campaign for charitable organisation The Song Room which help ensure that underprivileged schools can allow their students to participate in creative activities as part of their set curriculum.

And Finally…

This is what we do

Excuse us, but time for a little self-promotion: to celebrate our spangly website’s first birthday, we’ve updated the ‘What We Do’ section which you can find in all it’s circular glory here.

"Dear Photograph"

Dear Photograph is a rather charming project which the adjacent image explains rather neatly. Essentially it’s photographs used as a window into the past. Not dissimilar to this Back to the Future project which we’ve featured before.

"This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England"

What’s the colour of love? Or beauty? Or rage? Or jealousy? Find out for sure over at The Colour Of, which samples Flickr image search results to create a Turner-meets-Rothko colour mash-up. I can exclusively reveal that design is a sort of pinky-beige.

Olympic posters through the ages

These Olympic posters through the ages make for interesting viewing.

Pandas were rather hard done by when collective nouns were decided

Still on posters, these “collective nouns in pictures” are really charming. They’re by Woop Studios – set up by two of the graphic designers from Harry Potter. Found via JKR.

Seb Jarnot

These portraits by illustrator Seb Jarnot are fantastic.

Touch Wood: ball + xylophone + forest = ad win

A lot of TV ads can be over-complicated; not so this one for the Touch Wood mobile in Japan. It’s just a simple idea, beautifully executed – the kind of thing that gets people talking. On a similar meme, there’s this kind of Mouse Trap-esque setup. Both found via the Design Bridge blog.

Becker Architekten's hydroelectric power station in Kempten, Germany

Is this the world’s most beautiful power station? Architects Becker Architekten describe the hydroelectric power station in Kempten, Germany, as “a stranded whale”, and who am I to argue.

Name That Brand!

In age-old news round-up tradition, we finish with Name That Brand, where we harness the dark arts of Photoshop’s crop tool to snip a segment of a well-known brand’s visual identity. If you’ve spent the last month like Russell Crowe in Beautiful Mind trying to identify the last one, I’m pleased to be able to put you out of your misery: it was Heineken.

The last Name That Brand was Heineken

Here’s this edition’s:

Name That Brand

If you think you know it, then why not tweet us with the answer, and we’ll let you know if you’re right.

Until next time…