News round-up 23.03.12


Experience life from a dog’s eye view, understand how women feel about pantyhose, and get the lowdown on the new iPad. With that level of eclecticism, it can only be The Big Picture’s monthly News Round Up

Once a month or so, we “round up” a whole load of “news” from the worlds of design, marketing and anything tenuously related to either of the above, and we distill it down into delicious bite-size morsels full of tasty links. We call it the news round-up, and it here follows.

Cogs of Industry

Team GB kit: not getting off Scot-free

The Team GB kit, designed by Stella McCartney, has been unveiled. We think it looks pretty good, feeling appropriately patriotic without straying into the realms of lazy cliché – no easy feat. An equally difficult challenge is feeling ‘British’ rather than more aligned with one country over another, which the design has struggled rather more with – (English?) critics are saying the lack of red makes it feel rather Scottish (as well as bad luck, apparently).

The new iPad: over 3m sold in 4 days. Imagine what they'd sell outside of a recession...

Apple have launched the new iPad, cleverly titled “the new iPad”. (The new iPad is better than iPad 2 and a lot better than iPad, but presumably won’t be as good as the new new iPad when that comes out, at which point the new iPad will probably just become “iPad” – not to be confused with the first iPad, which is also called “iPad”. Everyone clear? Good.) The main improvement over the last iPad is a vastly improved ‘retina’ display (which packs more pixels than your HDTV into a a screen a fraction of the size), meaning text looks pin sharp. It also has 4G connectivity, but that is of little consequence for us here in Blighty as our mobile networks haven’t adopted 4G properly yet (and won’t do until next year, probably).

Walkers flavours revealed

Walkers have revealed its three mystery flavours: Sour Cream & Spring Onion; Lincolnshire Sausage & Brown Sauce; and Birmingham Chicken Balti. Over the course of the promotion, Walkers received 793,011 guesses, of which 3 were on the money, and win £50,000.

A fresh look for Birds Eye veggies
A fresh look for Birds Eye veggies

Birds Eye is set to relaunch its entire Field Fresh range in a bid to spice up sales of frozen vegetables. The new-look packs began rolling out in stores last month.

Jimmy Carr worked in Starbucks for their free lattes promotion

Starbucks were the talk of the (London) town last week with their promotion to give away free lattes to highlight their new ‘first name terms‘ approach, in which you’re asked for your name when you order your coffee so that there’s more of a personal touch when they hand it to you. (This news rounder-upper found that a week later this system had apparently been forgotten about, though.)

Commentary Corner

Getting inside consumers' heads...

Shoppers’ minds can be weird and wonderful places, which is why only The Big Picture’s highly trained operatives should be allowed to go in there. If you’d like to know why so many companies place such emphasis on consumer insight, this article might help to explain.


Lego have some wonderful new advertising work by Jung von Matt. More, along with JKR’s comment, right here.

Prof. Zaltman explains how he uncovered women's deep-lying feelings about pantyhose...

Harvard Business School professor Jerry Zaltman explains how the power of pictures can go deeper into consumers’ thoughts – a technique we use a version of here at TBP, no less (though we’ve not yet started on the brain-scanning mentioned towards the end, though…)

New Jaguar logo: good for Monopoly sets

Jaguar have changed their logo as part of a wider marketing campaign that aims to “to increase awareness of the brand amongst a new audience in line with the brand’s ambitious future plans”. The metal finish strikes us a being a somewhat hackeyned effort to conveying a ‘modern’ image, and one which seems to lose touch with the brand’s heritage and premium status. But that’s just us, what do you think?

Windows logo: now a window, not a flag

In an increasingly Apple-orientated world, Microsoft have found themselves playing catch-up. Part of their approach of doing that is the slightly bonkers Windows 8, and the other is this new logo for Windows. Microsoft’s official blog post on it here, and Brand New’s say here.

How do you cut through in a category like bottled water?

An interesting article by Aaron Keller of Capsule on “packaging moments“.

Pretty Packaging

Jager: da bomb

Jägermeister has teamed up with O-I to develop this limited edition retro bottle.

Tilda Kids: for children who want curry in a hurry

Tilda Kids is a new microwaveable rice for children, and it’s accompanied by this very charming packaging by Ziggurat Brands.


Yamas!, which means “Cheers!” in Greek, is a new range of cheeses. BOS were responsible for the design, which does a great job of capturing the Greek positioning.

Miller64 by Soulsight

This is the relaunched pack for Miller64, by Chicago-based agency Soulsight.

And Finally…

Design Bridge suffer some letter larceny

Someone has stolen Design Bridge‘s letters. If anyone registers a new design agency called “eDges” anytime soon there might be a few eyebrows raised.

A barking mad music video

This dog’s-eye-view music video for Johnny Neon’s ‘Hearts’ is rather charming, and the song’s pretty good too.

Vintage travel posters

There’s a wonderful set of vintage travel posters here.


We’re crackers for cupcakes here at The Big Picture, which is why this ‘(cake)hole in the wall‘ very much appeals, providing 24-hour cupcake access for those late night emergencies. It also has an amusing face, which is a bonus. There’s now also news that Mr Kipling is doing this in the UK. It’s spreading like wildfire!

David Beckham by Stanley Chow

We’re slightly obsessed with the work of Stanley Chow, a wonderful illustrator (and MUFC fan). See many more here.

Territorial typography

If the words ‘geotagged’ and ‘typography’ get you excited, you should probably get out more. But if that’s the case, then this might just be up your street.

BBH's print work for The Guardian

BBH‘s recent advert for the Guardian has gotten a lot of people talking, but the print work has rather gone under the radar, which is a shame as it’s rather lovely.

Cheetah. Cheetah.

This is either heart-warming or nauseating depending on your perspective, but from a design perspective it’s a refreshing take on some well-known brands: Fresh Impressions on Brandmarks (from my 5 year old)

Name That Brand!

Last month there was no Name That Brand on account of our amazing interactive game. But this month it returns as normal (the game is still there though!)… can you guess it?

Name That Brand!

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