OnDesign: our new podcast


We recently launched a new podcast – OnDesign. We’ve got lots of exciting guests lined up so subscribe on iTunes, Soundcloud or Stitcher to listen on your commute.


We recently launched a new podcast – OnDesign.

In conversation with my colleague Stuart, we invite industry visionaries to reflect on their craft and predict what the future holds.  We’ve got lots of exciting guests lined up so subscribe on iTunesSoundcloud or Stitcher to listen on your commute.

Here’s a run down of who you can hear from so far…


Episode 1: Jon Morley

In the first episode we hear from Jon Morley – a brand leader who’s worked on some of the world’s biggest brands – from Grey Goose to Axe, Orange to Carrefour. Jon talks about researching haircare in the favelas of Brazil, to the challenges of steering major global brands.


Episode 2: Jonny Westcar

In the second episode, we spoke to the brilliant Jonny Westcar, Managing Director of StormBrands and formerly The Brand Union. Reflecting on his extensive client and agency side experience, Jonny talked about the skills that designers need in the 21st century, as well as a describing a sprint-based approach that’s making StormBrands’ creative process more agile.


Episode 3: Mark Taylor

Our third episode was with the fantastic Mark Taylor – an independent brand counsel who’s moved between the world’s of advertising and branding in his career. We talked with Mark about the relaunch of GWR, as well as his work branding a community distillery on the Isle of Harris.


We’d love to hear what you think and if you’ve got any ideas for guests. Drop us a Tweet @OnDesignPodcast or Like us on Facebook.