Introducing our new values


Back in October, we launched our brand essence; Design for Real Impact. The time had come for us to take the next step and define our brand values in a way that would reflect this new essence and help inform decision making throughout The Big Picture. We held workshops in both offices to capture our thoughts on the qualities that make our business special and unique. With a little extra refining, we were able to distil our views into four values, borne out of the desire to create a cultural blueprint that would see us through another 25 years!


So, here they are!

To introduce these values to everyone, we took the office out to get creative; the London office ventured out for an afternoon painting tiles, while the New York team spent the morning trying their hand at graffiti. Each of us got free reign to paint / spray-paint a part of something bigger, to produce something greater than the sum of its parts. Everyone’s personality and individuality came together to form our company logo. I know, we love a bit of poeticism.

Before firing the tiles, and during tagging practice

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

We had a blast working together (and the tiles now live on our walls in The Big Picture London office). What’s more, by keeping everyone involved throughout the process, we’re all able to recall these values and live them every day.