Pira Packaging Summit 2012


Stuart Chapman


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Get the scoop on our Su’s presentation to the conference

The Pira Packaging Summit 2012 is coming up in November.

Here’s what Packaging News had to say about the conference:


The Pira Packaging Summit is a platform for senior decision-makers throughout the industry to discuss key strategic challenges from across the packaging value chain and long term strategies for success.

Engaging presentations from high calibre speakers, expert insight and data from Smithers Pira’s market reports and unrivalled networking opportunities have made this conference a must attend event for those involved in the packaging industry since the conference’s conception in 2010.


Our Su on a blustery winter’s day

Our very own Su Abeysuriya will be presenting at the conference, and – here’s a little preview for you – a short interview with her on the increasing trend of sustainability in packaging.

If that floats your boat, you might be interested in this little post about the Semiotics of Sustainability. If you’re interested in the effect of sustainability on design in your business, why not get in touch?