Six golden rules for perfect direct-to-consumer partnerships – 2 of 6


Over the next two weeks we’ll be unveiling six ‘golden rules’ for creating successful direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. Here’s part one – control.

This is the second of six blog posts we’re publishing over the next fortnight looking with the golden rules for creating perfect direct-to-consumer brands. Check out the first day here.




Rule two: hand over control

This is an area where DTC brands are creating a new niche in many markets. Think about Uber or Netflix. This is about letting consumers configure supply to meet their needs via digital means. However this means the brand must always be accessible and responsive to its customers. For instance, customers welcome phone numbers which link to actual, real humans, as well as email addresses and social links on their website. Our research shows that people want to feel they can talk to someone easily or they may walk away from the potential partnership.

Daniella Peri, co-founder of Your Happy Period or says their model, which delivers a tailored tampon package at a time to suit and scheduled by the customer each month, is all about giving girls and women control. She explains that women can tailor their delivery and tweak it any time so if they don’t need a delivery one month or need a different combination of sizes, for example, they can just log on and edit their order:

“Not one size fits all, not one diet fits all. [Similarly] the packs in the stores do not fit my period, so we developed a box that better suits our needs,” says Peri.



Check back on Friday to read part three.