Six golden rules for perfect direct-to-consumer partnerships – 3 of 6


Over the next two weeks we’ll be unveiling six ‘golden rules’ for creating successful direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. Here’s part three – flexibility.

This is the third of six blog posts we’re publishing over the next fortnight looking with the golden rules for creating perfect direct-to-consumer brands. Check out the first day here.




Rule three: be flexible

Like all good partnerships, adaptability in DTC is essential. Brands need to be prepared to listen to customers and flex services and/or products to suit their needs. This could be considering a tiered range of offers to suit different levels of commitment; or making it easy to pause deliveries when on holiday, for example.

Nick Dormon, managing director at design agency Echo Design says brands who are prepared to be flexible to meet customer demands will be well rewarded: “[Customers] will give you information if you give stuff back which is designed for their specific needs,” he explains.



Check back on Monday to read part four.