Six golden rules for perfect direct-to-consumer partnerships – 4 of 6


Over the next two weeks we’ll be unveiling six ‘golden rules’ for creating successful direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. Here’s part four – emotion.

This is the fourth of six blog posts we’re publishing over the next fortnight looking with the golden rules for creating perfect direct-to-consumer brands. Check out the first day here.




Rule four: show your emotional side

Brands need to consider how accessible and human their service feels. All DTC customers, are likely to want to feel there is a real person behind the digital façade, and who is interested in meeting their specific needs. This means’ dialing up the ‘people presence’ on apps and websites (photos, staff names, the founder story etc.) Using humour, cute messages and communicating via human tone of voice also helps.

Daniella Peri of Yoppie ( says they have noticed their new customers like to feel that they are part of a community. Yoppie responds to their needs by delivering product each month, but also donates to developing countries on customers’ behalf, giving them the warm feeling of taking part in a positive community effort. Yoppie believes the customer experience of going into Boots to buy tampons struggles to live up to this.



Check back on Wednesday to read part five.