TBP’s 20th anniversary: the design research diaries 1993-2013 (Entry 7)


Entry seven is all about the golden insight, and how cute kids drink their squash.

It’s now 12 days until our 20th anniversary, and in the countdown we’ve opened up our vaults to share our insights and musings on design and design research. Here’s number seven – we hope you enjoy.

Entry 7 of 15: Unlocking the golden insight

child drinking

Most of the time, insights emerge gradually as themes weave themselves together in the post-research analysis. But sometimes, a golden nugget glimmers right there in the moment.

One such case – we were doing some research for Robinsons to help them understand how kids were drinking their squash. We’d given families handheld video cameras to record a video diary of their kids’ squash-drinking. These yielded all sorts of interesting stuff about how, when and why they drink it.

But the golden nugget wasn’t a planned outcome of the research. Rather, we stumbled upon it.

robinsonsWatching the videos, time and time again we’d watch the kids rush up, grab the bottle with their little hands, tentatively pour it out and then run over to the sink to top it up with water. Then they’d drink.

Glug, glug, glug, glug, glug, glug… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Everytime; an ‘aaaaah’ moment. Kids would drink it down like a parched castaway, and each time it would be followed by a visual and aural moment of pure refreshment. And, as kids, they didn’t hold back as an adult might – it was an unrestrained outpouring of satisfaction.

And the research caught it on camera, bringing to life the product’s most important benefit for the Robinsons team.

By Stuart Chapman