To boldly go: strong structure for super concentrated squash


With structure a powerful tool for brands, we look at how Robinsons Squash’d has harnessed bold design in the new super concentrated squash category.

Structure is a powerful tool for brands to differentiate from the competition, and within their product range. Structural innovation can even create a new category – we’ve seen this from Covent Garden Soups, Pringles and more recently Robinsons Squash’d.

Covent Garden, Pringles and Robinsons Squash’d – category-defining structure

Back in April we helped Robinsons introduce super concentrated squash to the UK market, and since then several major soft drink players have followed. Following the success similar water enhancers have achieved in the US – a market valued at $417m in 2013 – there’s clearly forecasted potential for the UK market.

When Kraft Foods introduced MiO to the US in 2011 it formed the category. MiO had the freedom to be a new brand, in a new format, and establish the design codes.

The US market leader, MiO

In the UK, it’s a different kind of challenge for design. So far, the super concentrated squash market has been dominated by established soft drink brands, who have extended their range. In the UK, pack design needs to remain close enough to the VBL of the core product (via pack graphics), but also signal a different proposition. Here, the structure needs to work hard to signpost change.

When we encounter these brands on-shelf, there are several key roles that structure needs to play: differentiate the NPD from core range, show functionality of use and be unique versus competition.

The UK’s big three super concentrated squash drinks

Each structure achieves the first level: as a mini version of a bigger bottle the size instantly communicates an ‘on-the-go’ proposition.

However, by opting out of overtly functional comms and not choosing the more obvious shape of the mini bottle – Robinsons has been bolder than its competitors. Allowing itself the opportunity to create a confident, bottom heavy, purposeful shape: with the potential to become a strong equity for the brand.

As the category takes off, Robinsons are well placed to lead the way with an ownable structural design.