Top 5 NPDs fresh from the pipeline


Adin Heller

Senior Research Executive, New York

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We take a look at innovative packaged goods capitalizing on some of the hottest consumer trends in both America and the UK.

1. Kix: gamification comes to the breakfast table

Having worked on Kix’s new ‘adventure packs’, we witnessed first hand the ways in which they give families a reason to interact not only with the cereal box, but with each other. The boxes are home to figures and objects that children can cut out and assemble to play along with a selection of online stories. The packs bring the current ‘creator/custom built’ trend from the toy world together with storytelling to engage young minds in ways that are sure to be ‘kid tested, mother approved.’


2. Y Water: what’s old is new

Y Water is no stranger to pack innovation. In 2008 the company enlisted Yves Béhar to design a bottle that was shaped like a tetrahedron and doubled as a toy. However, as visually pleasing as that bottle was, it was impractical to manufacture and to fill. Fast forward six years, add a dash of inspiration from seven decades ago, and you have Y Water’s engaging new cartons inspired by a milk-carton design that dates back to 1940s Europe. The new sustainable pack uses minimal amounts of materials to produce and is fully recyclable, combining the best of old and new technologies.


3. Philadelphia: bacon sizzles, no matter the season

Pumpkin Spice may be the food trend on everyone’s mind at the moment, but bacon remains a perennial favorite that shows no signs of going away any time soon. Kraft is perfectly positioned to tap into this element of the foodie zeitgeist since it owns Oscar Mayer meats, but it’s taken them a surprisingly long time to realize they had the materials at their disposal to create a winning cross-over with Philadelphia cream cheese – in the form of game-changing bacon cream cheese. Fortunately the wait is over, and bacony creamy goodness can be found among your other favorite Philly varieties.


4. Ocean Spray: water is more than H2O

Ocean Spray is synonymous with ‘cranberry,’ but it turns out that all these years they’ve just been scratching the surface of the little red fruit.  The company’s latest cranberry beverage, PACt, taps into the growing trend of flavored waters, beverages with added benefits, and other alternatives to traditional sodas. The bright red pack stands out on shelf and distances itself from the core juice range, while still prominently displaying the classic Ocean Spray logo.


5. Oilatum: tailoring junior variants

Another brand we’ve happened to work on is Oilatum – which isn’t just for dry skin flare-ups anymore. While today’s kids and families share everything from Facebook ‘likes’ to lotions, there is a growing demand for customized and tailored products. Oilatum has found the sweet spot between these two consumer needstates with its new Daily range for juniors. The pack design has more everyday cues and is more approachable and engaging for younger users, while staying true to the brand that mom and dad trust.

Oilatum-junior range


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