Webinar: branding the healthy snacks of the future


Adin Heller

Senior Research Executive, New York

Categories Webinar

Make sure you tune into our webinar ‘Designing for Gen Z: branding the healthy snacks of the future’ on March 10th, 2pm GMT

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Healthy snacking is the future of eating. And the Future Consumer is Generation Z. So the big question for snacking brands is: how do they connect with, and stay relevant to this future cohort?

To start a dialogue around the answers to this question, we’re hosting a webinar on Thursday 10th March, focusing on Generation Z and their attitudes toward snacking and brand design.

At this free webinar, you’ll get an overview of:

  • What drives and motivates Gen Z
  • Their attitudes towards health and snacking
  • Our key considerations for how to target this influential consumer group

In short, the webinar is a tool for brand owners and marketers, to help spark thinking about how brands can future-proof their products, and to inspire the next wave of innovation & NPD.

You can sign up for the session here. We look forward to you tuning in!