Weekly News Bulletin 24.08.12


The final WNB for the summer…

A one in a million ad
A one in a million ad

Lynx showcase the ‘one millionth Lynx effect’ this week with a new video to celebrate 1,000,000 fans on Facebook. The sequence features a young man activating a machine that sparks a playful chain reaction referencing a number of past campaigns. Be sure to watch the snippet here.

Evaluating the price of a great logoAn interesting commentary on the price of a famous logo courtesy of JKR. Here they make the point that it’s all about what you do with a logo, not how much it costs. Indeed, Nike’s ‘swoosh’ originally set the company back a mere $35. Bargain.

There’s nothing fishy about the new IKEA food packaging

Next time you pop to IKEA, be sure to appreciate their iconically simple, yet stylish new food packaging. Created by Stockholm Design Lab the design has proven a roaring success – having picked up a Cannes Gold Lion award earlier this year.

No madness behind Method.And finally…Method meets Orla Kiely to produce some stunning household packaging featuring her signature patterns. For the most stylish household cleaning products around.