What’s next for DTC?


Tess Kenning

Director, London

DTC is a hot topic. With everything from wine to eyewear available right to your door, we asked some of the team here at The Big Picture what they’d like to see made direct-to-consumer next.

DTC is becoming something of a buzzword. Since Dollar Shave Club burst onto the scene – and was quickly snapped up by Unilever – more and more brands are joining the dash to go direct-to-consumer. From wine, to tampons and eyewear – all these are available straight to your door, with no middle man in sight. In particular, direct-to-consumer offerings in the fashion and beauty spheres are booming. With new start-ups like Glossier, Everlane and Bevel joining the race, not to mention the likes of Nike looking to go digital, it’s fair to say that DTC is here to stay.

So, what’s next for the digital treatment?

With a few subscribers in the office – regulars of Hello Fresh, Bloomon, Muscle Food and GlossyBox just in case you were wondering – we decided to pose this question to the team.

What would you like to see made into a DTC subscription service next and why?



DTC Ellie


DTC Sian


DTC Chaps

While all very different potential DTC services, the key themes which unite these ideas are that of convenience, simplicity and making the mundane more enjoyable and personal experience.

If Amazon Dash is anything to go by, it won’t be long before it’s the norm to order in washing-up liquid and the like at the touch of a button (or a few buttons) around the house.  But what is interesting is the concept of DTC medication. DTC has the potential to shake up perceptions of medication as an unpleasant chore, taken to treat a problem, into a more positive, enjoyable health experience. Care/of has done just that for vitamins, so we think this is an exciting space to watch.