Yoplait Oui
Giving Yoplait the edge in the yogurt wars

Yoplait, an established leader in yogurt, needed to re-engage its lost target through an innovative new product offering.

The challenge was to unlock the right strategic sub-brand and product positioning to design against that would inspire lapsed consumers to reappraise the Yoplait brand.

We partnered with General Mills and Pearlfisher on a three phase, Learn Build Verify research journey, incorporating Exploratory Workshops, 20Twenty and SNaPPs to gain 360 insight through combined behavioral techniques, sensory stimulus, and archetypes.


General Mills


Positioning, Strategy, Brand Design


Exploratory Workshops, SenseIt, SNaPPs

The research culminated in the identification of a winning sub-brand positioning, product positioning, naming scheme and design. Yoplait Oui is on track to be the biggest launch in the yogurt category in the past five years.

On many projects, timelines and other considerations dictate jumping right into testing designs. For this project, we were able to approach the research more strategically, at the design territory level. By starting at this point, we were able to approach the design work more strategically.

We began to understand what we needed to elicit through the design, which is what we came to call “French Countryside.” French countryside connected to French food & lifestyle; slowing down, savoring each spoonful, enjoying life, and enjoying foods in their natural state.

Consumers loved this packaging, from the glass pot, to the beautiful label and lid.

The partnership between our design agency, The Big Picture, and our internal teams, was fantastic, and I’m so glad we arrived at a great final product.

Matt Malcolm, Global Consumer Insights Associate, General Mills


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