Watch again – The Beauty Spot webinar


Suranee Abeysuriya 

Strategy & Communication Director, London

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Our new webinar series reveals four cosmetic behaviours crucial to brands’ success in 2018.

The beauty industry is big business. The cosmetics and skincare categories contributed over £17bn to the UK economy last year alone.

Our new webinar series reveals the findings of an ethnographic study using cutting-edge wearable and 360 camera technology to explore our changing relationships with beauty brands.

Whether you work in the category or look to it for inspiration, this series of two webinars uses trends and primary research to highlight four key consumer behaviours that are crucial to brands’ success in 2018.

Webinar 1

In it for the long run

Tuesday 1st May
3pm London / 10am New York


Consumers are waking up to the impact of their choices.

Increasingly we’re making ‘conscious decisions’ about what we buy and its impact on the planet; about what we put on and inside our bodies; about the long-term impact of our decisions on our health and wellbeing.

In this session we’ll highlight two key changes in the decisions consumers make at point of purchase:

  • Face Value: the complexity of ‘conscious’ consumerism
  • Long-term Skinvestment: younger consumers increasingly looking to prevention over cure


Webinar 2

The Rihanna Effect

Thursday 3rd May
3pm London / 10am New York


Digital influencers are changing the way we look. It’s far more than being selfie-ready. Vlogs, podcasts and communities open millennials to a world of cosmetic hacking, experimentation and creativity.

Influence is far broader than before – consumers are increasingly looking beyond celebrity; identifying beauty bloggers that share the look they aspire to, learning to contour from drag artists, and navigating categories and brands through real consumer reviews.

In this session we’ll explore the cultural role of cosmetics, and the impact of a life lived online:

  • Living digitally: how digital influencers are affecting the way we look
  • Fierce creativity: beyond self-expression, cosmetics provide a creative platform craved by millennials