Bringing mates together, round after round


Sam Connor

Director, London

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Designing an easy-carry glass is an ingenious yet logical step for a brand that truly puts its drinkers first. How else did Carling become Britain’s most loved beer?

Check out the ergonomics on that!

Carling approached us with the ambition of launching an innovative pint glass designed to make carrying a round easier. Continuing our partnership in developing their striking new identity, the perfect glass was the final piece of the puzzle for us to set in place.

Branded glassware forms an influential touchpoint, adding value to the drinking experience and fundamental in delivering the perfect pint; interlocking with the brand’s mission of providing its drinkers with the best experience possible, every time.

A tapered pint glass in action

Ordinarily, most pint glasses taper; and when combined with condensation, make it difficult to carry a full round without spilling beer. We’ve all run the familiar gauntlet from the bar. Carrying as many pints as your grip will allow as, really, leaving them unattended on the bar isn’t an option.

There’s no choice but to face the carpeted, wooden-clad obstacle course back towards the refuge of your mates at the table. You’re halfway when it strikes, that sinking feeling as the third or even fourth glass in your grasp begins to slip. Will you make it? Or will you be left red-faced as your pints prematurely disappear? Greeted by the primal but equally joyous chorus of “wehey” bellowing throughout the pub as the glasses smash against the floor.

We recruited groups of friends to quite simply, come and enjoy a pint with us. The only stipulation being that they bought the round and that it was Carling.

Disguising our intention throughout, bartenders were in on the act and perfectly poured the pints into one of our innovative new glassware designs. The participant returned across the gauntlet with all pints in hand before joining their pals to let the good times flow.

A less than accurate portrayal of market research

Initially, we joined the conversation whilst closely observing the group’s natural interactions with the glassware (including the return-to-table carry). This unspoken response is both vital and powerful in understanding the relationship between form and user. It’s where the true insight lies.

Over time, we gradually steered the conversation towards the glasses in their hands as they drank. Shifting into a more considered exploration of their performance.

Our intuitive approach provided the team at Carling the ability to press forward with confidence, leading the charge with a glass design naturally validated and refined by consumers in situ. A true demonstration of putting its drinkers at the heart of the brand.

We'll drink to that!