Axe Naturals
Agile innovation for a Gen-Z target

“We were up against a very big challenge with AXE, tapping into a territory that was absolutely new for the brand and our consumers. The Big Picture was a great partner with a very responsive, modern and collaborative approach that helped us to craft that territory expression to ensure authenticity for the brand while feeling relevant and different to our target. We are really happy with the output and even more with initial market results while landing in 48 countries across the world!”

Global Senior Brand Manager, Axe

A great idea is not a guaranteed success. The crux is in its realisation, ensuring it’s brought to life in the right way. Exactly the challenge that applied to AXE. To identify a natural proposition that felt right for the brand, that…

  • aligns with AXE’s uniquely distinctive personality

  • delivers the type of ‘natural’ the AXE guy is looking for

  • taps into Gen-Z’s deeper consciousness around natural products


Our innovation sprint method, across UK, US and Argentina, got the AXE team further faster

We cycled through three iterative phases to collect consumer feedback and build ideas continuously and collaboratively

Our online CoLab methodology delivered the perfect platform:

  • to co-create with consumers
  • on an international scale
  • in a rapid, time-effective process
  • underpinned by design thinking

Sprint workshops capitalise on momentum, creativity, and rigour to bring the innovation vision to life. These action-oriented sessions

  • deploy divergent and convergent techniques
  • thrive on vivid consumer immersion from CoLab
  • are grounded in knowledge-pooling from broad-ranging contributors
  • deliver engaging consumer-centric concepts


A nature-inspired NPD that perfectly captures the unique spirit of AXE. Conceptually sound innovations with strong recommendations on their potential and opportunities to be honed moving forward


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