Combining the depth of qual with the robustness of quant

Jus-Rol is a brand much loved by novice and accomplished bakers alike.

Inspired by the success of a subtle yet effective packaging change in the US, General Mills identified an opportunity to raise the profile of its Bake It Fresh range amongst UK consumers.


General Mills


Quali-quant pack redesign evaluation


The Big Fixture



Following a round of qualitative design development, The Big Picture worked with General Mills and the design agency to optimise two potential design directions ready for a final round of testing.

A rigorous approach was needed to make the final decision, and our behavioural quali-quant approach The Big Fixture was used to evaluate the success of two potential design directions versus current.

The Big Fixture

The Big Fixture is a quali-quant approach designed to give you complete confidence at the final stage of the design process.

By combining a range of behavioural methods, The Big Fixture gives you the robustness of quant with the depth of qual.

Simulated Shop

The Big Fixture begins with a shopping task, with participants asked to make choices as if they were shopping for real. The interviewer records and times these selections, as well as noting verbalised responses.


Tailored to the project objectives, eye tracking is used with a portion of the sample during the simulated shop to provide insight into the visual equities that drive stand out, recognition and implicit shelf communication.


Using our bespoke app, all participants undertake a fast visual association test. This test reveals the brand personality communicated by a short, System 1 exposure to the new design.

Qualitative interview

Follow-up interviews are used with part of the sample to probe deeper around the reasons behind design performance. At this stage we also review their iAssociate and DesignEye results.


The result?  A brand new range identity that’s proving its worth.


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