Ideating the future of beverage design

PepsiCo approached us to partner with them to provide a comprehensive programme of research and development to guide the creation of a pipeline of pack innovation ideas.


Future-focused innovations would need to move beyond the more predictable ‘quick fix’ solutions, yet at the same time, achieve buy-in from key brand custodians and stakeholders with feasible, commercially viable ideas.




Strategy & Positioning


LifeStream, Ethnography, Co-creation workshops

Consumer-grounded design strategy

The three month strategy project, combined LifeStream and in-person ethnography and co-creation workshops with prototyping.


A truly collaborative process, it yielded design solution areas which were inspired by consumers, realised by creatives, and validated by the client team.

We spoke to nearly 100 target cohorts to uncover pain-points & unmet needs relating to beverage packaging, encompassing the whole drinks lifecycle (in-store, in-transit, in-home, in-use)

Consumer co-creation workshops allowed us to build on these insights and ideate new concepts. In-session prototyping allows us to get further, faster.

In partnership with innovation agency Smart Design, we worked to integrate these concepts into compelling platforms as direction for next-step design planning.

Finally, we ran sessions with a broad multi-disciplinary client team to validate the directions as viable & feasible.

Our agile, collaborative research approach, rooted in design thinking, delivered several innovation platforms and potential design solution territories under each category; all based on robust insight and vivid consumer evidence.


Case Studies
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