How can beauty brands keep up with Gen Z?


Back in 2019 we found out how cosmetics was driving conscious consumerism, and self-expression – find out more here. Now in 2023, we spoke to Gen Z to explore their post-pandemic relationship with beauty. We did this through trend watching, semiotics and Qual focused groups with Gen Z consumers


Through this, we found answers for the big questions this year:

  • What are Gen Z really looking for in beauty brands for 2023?
  • How can beauty brands feel more confident to engage this influential group?

Here are four teasers from our full report:

1. Y2K is here to stay

  • Gen Z have returned to Y2K nostalgia: an era they missed in their childhood
  • This yearning has inspired new creative expressions


2. Tik Tok made me buy it

  • Getting your TikTok strategy wrong could have disastrous consequences: Gen Z want engaging but authentic content!


3. Innovate or get left behind

  • Gen Z are not afraid to call out ‘natural washing’
  • This makes Green Chemistry, and other sustainable innovations, even more important


4. Design for one, Design for All

  • Gen Z want products to embrace ‘Universal Design’: regular products that incorporate inclusive features, to allow everyone to enjoy them


Want to know more? Contact Aoife, Gabri or Nikita to download our full report