You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people;

Design is made for people.

Dieter Rams

Our approach is based on the principles of Design Thinking, a human-centred ethos that guides creative development. It means that our insight seamlessly integrates into the creative process, to inspire, guide and hone.

The approach incorporates three different modes:

Context & Inspiration

Empathise: learning about the world for whom you’re designing.

Define: constructing a point of view and defining goals.

Exploration & Creation

Ideating: future-gazing and exploring the possibilities.

Exploring: identifying design directions with potential and providing guidelines and inspiration for refinement.

Evaluation & Optimisation

Testing: evaluating and validating final ideas ready for launch.


Powered by collaboration

We bring together like-minded organisations and specialists to help our clients solve complex design challenges by seeing them from multiple angles.

This collaborative approach offers a breadth and richness you’d normally need multiple agencies to achieve.

Local Researchers

Honed over 25 years in the business, our extensive network of research partners covers every continent, and allows us to guarantee research quality, no matter how off-the-beaten-track your ambitions take you. We partner with them to get the best of both worlds: an intimate understanding of the local social and cultural context, with global design expertise.


Semiotics offers a fascinating deep dive into a category or topic’s visual world. We partner with leading semioticians to contextualise their findings and apply it to your specific design challenge, outputting real, actionable insight.

Neuroscientists & Consumer Psychologists

Advances in consumer psychology mean our understanding of human decision making is better than ever before. We work with a range of neuroscientists and psychologists to capture insights via behavioural, implicit research methodologies.

Trends Forecasters, Futurologists & Influencers

For innovation and new product development, we’ll draw on the expertise of trends forecasters, leading category experts, futurologists and influencers that can contextualise insight, inspire creativity and help us shape winning ideas for the future.