Great brief = great design. Before embarking on the creative process, it’s essential that we are clear on what we know, and what we still need to understand: What role does design have to play in the wider objectives of the brand (and what is unrealistic)?

Bringing insight into the creative development process early helps us inform a more targeted creative brief. Our agile methods mean this doesn’t have to be time or cost intensive, but it means we stand far better chance of measurable success first-time around

It is clear that brands need to be mentally and physically available to grow; developing and asserting distinctive assets to act as system 1 signposts is key to this. BUT the power of design reaches far beyond simply ensuring you’re ‘available’: design is a key differentiator for brands and has the power to tell rich stories throughout the brand’s lifecycle

Consumers don’t think design, they feel it – so much of their relationship with design is implicit. That’s why behavioural economics principles underpin our research approaches, focusing on system 1 behaviour when it comes to evaluation of product and packaging design

Design does not operate in isolation, so it should not be researched as such. Our research frames design in the within the environment that it must perform, whether qualitative or quantitative, ethnographic or evaluative

Bad research kills good ideas. That’s why it’s imperative that we understand the design brief and intention behind creative, so we can assess the potential in ideas rather than ‘killing’ execution. We do not deal in likes and dislikes – our focus is whether design has the potential to deliver your brand’s objectives

When working with our clients to ideate disruptive innovation, it is essential to take an iterative approach, that evolves as we learn – building ideas, pivoting with more insight, to quickly build compelling NPD

It is not enough to simply relay consumer learnings. Our fluency in the language of design means we go further to provide direction and inspiration when delivering outputs to clients and creatives