We live in the age of design

Consumers experience brands across an ever-growing number of touch-points and in each encounter, effective design can enhance an individual’s relationship with a brand. Think of a brand you love; we bet design played a fundamental role in building that connection


Design research is different 

Unpicking’ consumers’ relationship with design is a complex challenge that requires a specialist approach. The Big Picture has specialised in researching design on a global scale for 30 years, and it’s a focus we’re very proud of; it shapes the type of people we recruit to the agency, the projects we take on and the output we produce


A bespoke approach

We offer a breadth of qualitative and quantitative research approaches, as well as consultancy and semiotics, to deliver impact for our clients. And often it’s a blend of more than one of these disciplines that provides the most impactful solution. We focus on your objectives and then create the right solution to maximise impact


Design research is broader than you may think: our expertise spans…

Ethnography, both face to face and via our digital platforms, enables us to inform and inspire the creative development process, helping our clients write stronger briefs

We have partnered with some of the world’s leading brands to research and develop visual identities that engage consumers across touch-points and cultural boundaries

Our behavioural approach translates perfectly to understanding how consumers interact with the designed world around them, whether digital experience or physical environment

Our approach to innovation is centred around design thinking; it brings the consumer in early, and visualises ideas quickly! It’s agile, iterative and involves collaboration aplenty

With 30 years of design research expertise, The Big Picture partner with our clients to bring best practice thinking and consultancy, even when consumers are not involved

With former product designers in our ranks, you’d hope we researched this area! From tea machines to pain relief devices, we research the ergonomics and desirability of product design