Our 20Twenty implicit research methodology for exploring new pack design has been a huge hit with our clients for 10 years now. And now it’s available as an online approach!

20Twenty Digital allows us to understand design’s potential impact on shopper behaviour and decision making, while also providing rich design communication insight.

Each session consists of three key components.

Watch consumers interact with your brand in a shopper context, live, enabling you to understand saliency, navigation and shopper behaviour. Custom-designed ‘games’ ensure implicit, system 1 behaviour.

We can immediately review shopper activity to further understand the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ behind their behaviour, and in turn, what role design played.

  • What enabled them to find your new design with ease?
  • What was preventing them from quickly navigating to specific variants?
  • Why are they more likely to purchase some packs/designs over others?

Using a combination of equity games and projective techniques, we’ll learn more about how memorable, meaningful and on-brief your design is. Generating rich insights that also provides clear optimisation guidance. Everything you already expect from The Big Picture!

Get in touch if you’d like to hear more about 20Twenty Digital, or if you think you have a brief that is well suited to this approach:

Su Abeysuriya

Dom Michaelides